track 61


Track 61

Track 61 is a unique and modern environment that provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.  It's a place where you can relax and enjoy the neighborhood vibe. We love getting to know our customers, so don't be surprised if we have your favorite drink waiting when you sit down or remember exactly what you ordered last time you visited.

Located in an extraordinary space at 703 North Lamar Blvd., Track 61 Restaurant opened in April 2018 under owner Brooke Krizbai. Krizbai's meticulous attention to detail exceeds expectations, even within the restaurant community. She carefully planned every aspect of the restaurant with the pleasure of her diners in mind. Don’t be surprised to meet her at your table, as she often circulates the restaurant to meet and chat with our guests, giving you the chance to see for yourself her true passion for cuisine and hospitality. If you don't catch her at Track 61, you will more than likely find her at Volta Taverna, her other local restaurant.  Volta features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and serves Oxford’s Favorite Margarita on Oxford’s Favorite Patio.


Track 61

Address:  703B North Lamar Blvd

Phone: (662) 380-5282



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