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Tara Yoga

At Tara Yoga, it’s our goal to uild a better community one by one. We are made up of teachers, professionals, students, athletes, and seasoned veterans. We are everyday people making extraordinary strides in everyday life. From a physical perspective, yes, we do yoga. All kinds. There are gentle and therapeutic classes, vigorous classes, fitness classes, and everything in between. But instead of being “pose” driven, we are movement driven. We’ve designed classes to help you move better, function better, live better - whatever your age or needs in life. We even have classes to help you de-stress! We know that from a consistent and well rounded yoga and movement practice, you’ll not only gain flexibility and strength, but build balance as well - within the body as well as the mind. To quote one of my favorite teachers, “health-care is self-care”. Our amazing team of instructors are as diverse as our community, Each of our teachers are certified, and are ready to serve you - offering classes, infused with love, compassion, inspiration, and skilled instruction. We invite you to be a part of our expansive community. Join us at Tara Yoga, and become inspired, empowered, and enlightened.


Tara Yoga

Address: 200 Park Cir Dr #4, Flowood, MS 39232

Phone Number:  (601) 720-2337



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