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//. city club takeover

... Well, Our twist on a takeover anyway


current city club tour guide

Joshua & Cat Powell

Company: Powell Couple Media

fb: www.facebook.com/powellcouple

insta: @powellcouple

youtube: @powellcouple

member since: 2018


Guide Dates: August 29 - September 1


first city club tour guide

Elizabeth Augustine

Company: Simply Social Media

fb: www.facebook.com/simplysocialms

insta: @simplysocialms

member since: 2017


Guide Dates: August 2-8

//. cc takeover goals

(section for City Club Tour Guides)

Part One: Introduce Yourself

  1. You will be featured on this page with all your particulars available for our partners.
  2. Make sure to fill out the "Apply to do a Takeover" above to get us your details! 
  3. Mantle. will feature you in a picture collage or video on your local City Club Instagram Account. We will make sure folks know that you are leading the tour of partners for the entire week...


Part Two: Tell Your "Story"

  1. Using the tools below, you can schedule to visit as many of the City Club Partners in your city during the course of the week.
  2. Each Participating Partner has set forth incentives for you to visit their business and put it in your Instagram Story.
  3. You may visit as many or as few as you would like but you may only cash in an incentive once at any given partner during your one week tour.

Part Three: The Scavenger Hunt

  1. Your goal should be to visit a min. 5 City Club Partners for your Instagram Story.
  2. Remember, the more partners you visit, the better cross promotion your own brand gets!
  3. From 5 of the partners, send 5 pictures from around the Partner's store and we will post to the City Club's Instagram account as part of a picture scavenger hunt! Our City Club feed gives the hints, your story provides more clues!

//. Taking a City Club Tour

A Step-by-Step Guide for Visiting Partners

  1. Map out your City Club Tour using the tools below. Click on the participating partners to see what their incentives are for you featuring their business, and what they are willing to give away to your followers who give them a follow-back. Also, check out the Weekly Calendar to see who has specials on each day of the week as you take your tour of the City Club Partners.
  2. Let your Followers know what you are up to! Start your Instagram story off with a message from you about taking this City Club Tour or even post in your Instagram feed an awesome photo with some info on the Tour. Let them know they can follow your local City Club on Instagram to win prizes during the week as you are leaving a clues for scavenger hunt over on the City Club Partner's page. 
  3. Don't forget to archive your Instagram Story so it doesn't disappear after 24 hours! People will want to go back in time on your story the week you are doing the tour. You may take down the story after your "takeover" if you want, or keep it up to show clients or potential clients your work!
  4. Visit Participating City Club Partners. While you are visiting and hopefully taking advantage of the incentives each partner is offering, let your followers know that you are there and why you like that particular partner, or what you love about their store or service.
  5. Tag Your City, The City Club + The Partner in Your Story. Also, before you post each addition to your story, make sure that you tag both your local City Club and the Partner you are visiting (their handles are in their partner profiles below), as well as geo-tag the broader neighborhood or city (e.g., Jackson, Mississippi - or Fondren District).
  6. Send Scavenger Hunt Photos to City Concierge. Send 5 different photos from each of the 5 different partners visited to the City Concierge (text or email info to be given before tour). They will post them to the City Club's Instagram Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunt photos are tight shots of recognizable design elements from the City Club Partner's store. See examples below. Those shots will be posted over on the City Club's Instagram where they will tag you, letting City Club followers know your story holds clues to who the scavenger hunt photo is.
  7. Sign your followers up to the City Club. Mantle.'s City Club is more than a physical space! It is a social and professional network and includes all the best restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques in your city. It is also invite only! During your Takeover week, send your followers to join Mantle.'s Digital+ membership ranks and we will pay you their first month's $8 or $15 membership fee. Find pre-built content about Mantle.'s City Club and how to sign up in the "Content Corner" below. Put the link to the City Club App download page in your profile for the week and remind your followers to say you sent them so we can pay you back! They can put your name, handle, or email in as they sign up to become members.
  8. Make it all look awesome! You are posting on your own Instagram Story and Feed, so we know that you set your own standards. We know you have your own style, too. Keep your style and your high standards during the City Club Tour! If you get stuck, we have provided tips for taking awesome photos, recs for content creation, and even some pre-built copy so you can say it how we would say it. We got a #hastagbank down there too and have included all of our participating partner's information in each of their profiles on this page. Remember, the key to making this thing a 50/50 success for everyone involved is to post more and make it look good. However, have fun with it and let your followers see what your City has to offer! #yourcity #youroyster #growapearl

//.cc takeover partners

+ hashtags / handles / giveaways / special days


City Club Tour Calendar


//. Takeover Content

//. content corner

Mantle. City Club

//. Jackson City Club


Apply: https://bit.ly/2JzKrKh

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What is Mantle. City Club... Why Should People Join.

...join this rad new invite-only social network for Jxn's tastemakers and influencers! Drop in my name or handle when you apply to join the City Club!

Best restaurants, best bars, best shopping, best sweat.... best people. If you want to love your city and build the future of awesome events and best places, join me in this new City Club! It's invite only, and I want you in!

Follow the link in my profile to join as a Digital Member! It's only $8/month and you get way more than that in discounts at the best places around town!

I am so excited about being a part of this new take on a professional + social network for creatives, doers, and influencers! It's invite only, but guess what... you're invited! My followers can use me as a reference this week!

Mantle. says "grow a pearl" - What does that mean? It means YOU are the next big thing. YOUR CITY is the next big thing. We are in this together, but WE are responsible for taking the first step!!


Partner Post Ideas + Recs

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.48.13 PM.png



Show them Happy Hour drinks!


Video interview a bartender!


Split Screen //. Server Favs v. Your Fav.


Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.51.46 PM.png



Trunk show! New arrivals. Flash Sales...


Clothes on racks. Stacks of Accessories.


Let the owner put together their favorite collection.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.50.18 PM.png



Show us a workout! 


Pre + Post Sweat.


Design elements from the studio.

//. Content Tips + Best Practices


Light + Light + Light

  1. Use Natural Light: If shooting indoors, windows are good - artificial light can tint your photographs yellow. 
  2. Under-expose Your Shot
  3. Cloudy and a chance of Awesome: Cloudy days are excellent for shooting - light spreads out and you can do much more in post-production.
  4. Keep HDR Off

Theme + Consistancy

  1. Have a style + stick to it!
  2. The Forest for the Trees: Choose a Color Palette for the big picture. How does each new post fit within the tones of your entire feed?
  3. A quick expert tip is to choose a warm, cold, or neutral color palette for your Instagram feed.

Composition + Angles

  1. The Rule of Thirds:
  2. The Hover or Flatlay: Awesome for food when shot over a wooden table or granite counter as a backdrop. Try increasing exposure, contrast, and sharpness - maybe add a touch of fade. Ok. I'm hungry.
  3. The Mural + the Wall: Cities have artists that make stunning murals for shooting yourself or someone else easy. Don't forget about the big plain white wall though!
  4. Angles: Get several angles of your shot so you have options.

Tools + Post Production

  1. Obscura 2.0: Make your phone camera as close to an actual camera complete with filter packs that can help you solidify your style on your feed. A little advanced with things like shutter speed, aperture, and f-Stops, but this is next level photography. $4.99 plus $1.99 Filter packs.
  2. A Color Story: Replicate color balancing techniques from Photoshop in this app and make a wide range of filters that can be used as 1-tap editing for your photos! And... It's Free!
  3. Plann: When curating your style on your Insta feed, and you want to see the forest, not the trees, use Plann. Map out your entire feed and schedule posts too. Free with subscription upgrades.