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Resolved to be Great.

by Christopher Lomax, founder

Don't let your resolutions flame out with the New Year's Fireworks.

If you still haven't figured us out, Mantle. is not just an office anymore. Mantle. is the framework in which you can build something new or put a shine on the project or things you were already building! Mantle. is the place you can grow a pearl and fulfill those resolutions.

According to Twitter, these were some of the most popular resolutions in 2017 and highly likely to be on your list this year too:

1. Diet, exercise and weight loss - Of course this was number one... regardless, join motivated friends at Mantle. Workout. to help you keep your resolution to stay fit. Sometimes that means rooftop yoga, others it means ending your run at your favorite watering hole!

See the Mantle. Workout schedule.

2. Read more - Check out Mantle. Bookshelf, a place to find your next inspiring read.

3. Learn something new - Maybe you should start hanging out with our friends JAWAD or JXN Tech Entrepreneurs at Mantle. City Club or the new "EQ", a quarterly meetup with our Entrepreneur Partner, Sal & Mookies.

More info Coming Soon!

4. Save money - Have you heard of our new Sandbox Cards? Exclusively for Mantle. members, Sandbox Cards are pre-negotiated deals with local restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques. In general, get 10% off your ticket, your new stuff, or your new beach bod!

Get a Sandbox Card.

5. Be nicer, kinder and more patient - We can't help you with this, but maybe you should be less of a jerk? Have you tried Meditation?

We like Headspace.

6. Get a new job - Better yet, start your own company! If you are starting a new company, why not do it for $50/month with a Mantle. City Club membership. It's more than a place to launch, it's a place to find the people to encourage and support you. It's a place to grow your pearl!

Even better than that, check out our new member holiday deal - get 3 trial months for only $75 (Trial price available through January 15).

7. Volunteer and donate more to charity - When the meditation starts to work and you become less of a jerk, connect with us and we can help you find a meaningful way to put your specific talents to work!

8. Drink less alcohol - This is something that we just can't get behind fully... and if you can't either make sure you check out our events page for networking and just letting go of some steam.

9. Get more sleep and relax more - This is something we can get behind! Try out just putting on a record in the City Club and relaxing with a nice bourbon from Fondren Cellars... told you the drinking thing was going to be tough!

10. Make new friends and be a better friend: Mantle. City Club is invite only. Each member is permitted to nominate two other members. Make sure you get your nominations in at www.growatmantle.com/nominate.