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Aimlistly is a Mantle. Inc.ubator Company based in Jackson, Mississippi. 

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Power of Local

by Christopher Lomax, founder

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Mantle. is excited about being there for entrepreneurs building the future economy including many new online businesses. However, Mantle. does not believe that online has to kill brick and mortar. That is why we are excited about new businesses like Aimlistly which marries online and local retailers.

Loving local is also why we connected with the best retailers and curated some of the best stuff on their shelves. With the Mantle. Sandbox Cards, you can get 10% off 10 purchases at any our partners. New Mantle. Members get a set of our three partner discount cards: Eat + Drink, Retail, and Workout. 

Each Sandbox partner sets their own discounts, which can be found on their personalized profile page (see partners page), but generally each purchase will get 10% off. So, whether you are buying a new bike at Swellophonic, a Pearl Diver at Apothecary, or doing downward dog with our friends at MTheory, you will be bootstrapping it, just like you do everyday!

Eat + Drink: 10% off Meal or Bar Tab

Retail: 10% off Final Purchase

Workout: First Workout Free; 10% off Package Purchases

Later: Aimlistly

Aimlistly is a shopping social network that connects brick and mortar retail stores to their customers through the items on their shelves. See something in a store that you like? Aim you phone, take a photo, and list the item on Aimlistly's shopping social platform. Wondering what to get your loved one for Christmas? Check out their wishlist and get them that thing from the store they spotted it - complete in the correct size and color and type!

Aimlistly was my first foray into tech and who's failure led to the creation of Mantle. It has been resurrected by some talented engineers and marketers and is expected to launch on the Apple App Store sometime in 2018.

Local retail has yet to find an answer to the attack and lure of online retail. Aimlistly believes that they can put the power of local back in the small brick and mortars that make up the backbone of our communities.