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Mandal.ai is a Mantle. Inc.ubator Company based in Jackson, Mississippi. Mandal.ai will be beta testing their new platform in the new year.

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Making Meetings Better

by veer singh, founder

Throughout the workweek, everyone has to rely on their emails to communicate and setup meetings on their calendars. A seemingly mundane and simple task that quickly becomes tedious and cumbersome when you begin to look closely. Each meeting requires communicating back and forth to find the right time, most often done through email, which becomes more cumbersome when you have to schedule and often reschedule and start the task over again. This becomes even more complex when you factor in scheduling a meeting with a group of people trying to find an adequate time according to everyone’s schedule.

Now, imagine this “simple” task on a monthly basis, or even better, a yearly basis. Especially for beginning entrepreneurs, this becomes is a very real problem. While beginning a new venture, time is of the essence for most of these individuals. Mandal.ai is an A.I. that synchronizes all your calendars, meetings, and communication in one platform - its name stems from the sanksrit word “mandala” meaning "universe" and "circle".

In essence, Mandal.ai is attempting to bring simplicity and harmony to your universe again.

Other meeting-scheduling technologies aim to solve this problem by trying to force traditional email as a medium to setup and schedule meetings. Mandal.ai looks at this as trying to force a square peg into a round hose. Mandal.ai is rethinking the email - calendar approach to setting meetings and building a new platform that makes "the meeting" the center point of communication.  

Mandal.ai uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor chat's both inside of its own platform or on email to spot when a meeting is made and confirmed. Mandal.ai can recognize a request for a meeting, offer suggested times to both (or multiple) parties by quickly looks through each user’s calendar, and confirm and save a meeting without the user ever picking up their phone. Another key feature mimics the much loved "Sunrise" app and integrates a Mandal.ai keyboard into any other messaging app.

By removing the headache of checking and setting up meetings on emails and calendars, Mandal.ai will harmonize entrepreneurs' daily lives to one item that they always have on them: their phone.