One of Lemuria’s trademarks is the unique, ever-changing bookmarks they put inside each book. In the past, they were printed with portraits of Eudora Welty  and Margaret Walker, for example. They represent the relationships among the booksellers, readers, authors, and publishers. Aside from John’s 40 years, Joe has been there for almost 14, and Clara Martin (manager in the children’s book section known as “Oz”)  has returned to work at Lemuria eleven years after first starting a job in high school — to give a few examples. That continuity has created a style.

Clara credits Lemuria’s success to its contradictory blend of local flavor and national acclaim.

“Lemuria is known by authors all over the country,” Clara muses. “I don’t think it would work anywhere but Jackson because of Eudora Welty, because of Willie Morris. Now we have Katy Simpson Smith  and Taylor Kitchings … I think this is very unique to Jackson, but it wouldn’t work if it was just local.”



Address: 202 Banner Hall

Phone Number:  601.366.7619



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