Studio Chane



Our longevity has been built but actual quality printing and actual customer service versus catchy wording to make us sound legitimate. We do not just take print orders – we help lead them in efforts to give you the most efficient pricing and best look possible. Instead of just selling you ink on products, we prefer to sell you trust, reliability and a one-stop relationship.

Our production site is located in the Fondren Arts District of Jackson. We pride ourselves in having the cleanest shop anyone has ever visited, thus providing a hybrid lab + art gallery atmosphere. We like to think that the boxes of printed products that we ship are a top-to-bottom reflection of our print world.

We can handle production for the really small order that needs just one shirt to the start-up that needs three t-shirts to the wholesale client, touring band or clothing line owner that needs thousands of units. Our entire production is matched with a series of checklists that ensure correctness along the full production process.


Studio Chane

Address: 3026 North State Street

Phone Number:  601-362-3547 


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