M Theory



Many people ask us “How did you get your name?” and it’s quite an interesting story. The “M Theory” was really brought to the forefront in an HBO series called “True Detective” where Matthew McConaughey gives one of his best performances explaining what M Theory is.

M Theory is a Physics theory that was created in recent years by a theoretical Physicist, Edward Witten that found a commonality in all the concepts of the universe that exist. He was able to combine all 5 string theories and prove that everything is made of strings that vibrate or are made of energy in other words. He unified all the concepts of the universe.

In short it means “all encompassing” which we thought was appropriate for our studio. We’d like to welcome everyone of all ages and backgrounds to experience first hand what Yoga can do for them both physically and mentally. Our goal is to help everyone see what Yoga can do to improve their lives.


M Theory

Address: 118 W Jackson Street

Phone Number:  601-790-7402


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