Erik Kegler


Every project is unique for Erik Kegler. His deeply held philosophy that design begins with the individual forms a rich foundation for his work. Perceptive and insightful, Erik has a way of capturing the essence of each homeowner in a distinctive environment that reflects who they are.

Once Erik understands an individual’s personal taste—which may range from completely traditional to eclectic and transitional—he brings it to life in every detail. Erik works with a select group of clients, who have included the President of the University of Dayton, the principals of the distinguished Kettering Institute, Belhaven University, and numerous owners of fine residential and commercial properties. “All of my clients live differently,” observes Erik. “They deserve to feel special and comfortable in their own homes and spaces.”

Erik is known for seeing unexpected uses for ordinary objects: an antique bathtub repurposed into a foyer table, leather used as a daring wallcover, vintage furniture juxtaposed with modern printed fabric. His unconventional ideas not only make bold statements, they keep his rooms looking fresh and interesting, yet timeless. “My work brings character as well as value to my clients’ homes, which is a great feeling to be able to provide,” Erik says.


Erik Kegler Interiors

Address: 2406 East Northside Drive

Phone Number: 601-366-9909



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