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Courtney Peters Interior Design

Courtney believes in creating spaces that are made for family lifestyles; to be used and enjoyed, functional and refined; while utilizing all the space given in a home. No room is deemed off-limits.

Building a relationship with her clients, she is recognized for her ability to reflect each client’s own unique design aesthetic while simplifying the design process. With an artistic eye and well executed space plan; each project has a sense of effortless style, with clean and fresh furnishings.

She implements color, comfort, a juxtaposition of materials, quality furnishings, and lighting into each project.

Courtney Peter’s design services include floor plan modifications with the use of Autocad, working with contractors and architects, and specification of finishes and furnishings.


Courtney Peters Interior Design

Address: 2906 N State Street, Jackson, Miss.

Phone Number: 601.713.2595



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