Anne-Marie Varnell spent her teen years in Dallas before moving to Oxford to attend Ole Miss. When she decided to open CICADA four years later, her concept was simple – she had a passion for the hottest, straight-from-the-runway styles, and she knew many of her friends shared that passion. Her goal was to make her favorite brands accessible to women who worshipped cutting-edge New York style.

Anne-Marie’s forward-thinking approach to fashion makes it easy for her to anticipate what her customers will like. She believes strongly in building relationships with her customers so she can purchase items with them in mind. She also credits her staff with helping her stay in touch with college trends. She enjoys the fresh perspective they bring to CICADA. Anne-Marie finds owning a business to be incredibly rewarding, and she enjoys using the creative and analytical sides of her brain every day. She considers herself so lucky, and she credits her stores for giving her such a wonderfully fulfilling life filled with people, fashion and creativity.



Address: 307 South Lamar. Oxford, MS 38655

Phone Number: 662-281-0541



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