Babalu: Tacos + Tapas

Tapas are snacks, small plates or delicious bites meant to be shared. They are designed to inspire conversation, encourage camaraderie and promote good times.

Combine this phenomenon with a friendly, comfortable, light-hearted atmosphere, and you’ve just discovered the secret ingredient that makes every BABALU worth coming back to. Share a bowl of our signature guacamole made tableside, sample fresh Spanish-inspired cuisine, or sip on a handcrafted cocktail from the bar. Prepare to kick back, relax, and enjoy what Babalu is all about – food, fun, and hospitality.



Address: 622 Duling Ave

Phone Number: 601.366.5757



Babalu is a Mantle. Sandbox Eat + Drink Partner | 10% off food only, one card per check, can not be applied to other discounts (i.e. Taco Tuesday or Social Hour) in store only (no togo or catering)

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